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Upcoming Releases
Short Term

Pasture: Eggz start to gain experience

  • Eggz Levels
  • Eggz Runes & Abilities
  • Eggz pedigree


  • Rankings
  • Events with prizes
  • Winning Jackpots


  • Early entry expeditions & in-city quests
  • Leveling up system for Resiztance Trainee
  • Player profile & pedigree

Countryside: Expeditions & Quests


  • Ability to buy in-game items
  • Items claimable as NFTs on the BSC chain including Wizh Essences
  • Hidden Caravan with limited rare items

Wizh Stones

  • Wizhing Well
  • On-Chain Jackpot Pool
  • Pasture Wizh linking activation

Mentor System

More To Be Announced

Mid & Long Term

PVP System

Tournaments System

More To Be Announced

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